The Process

Everything starts with a Free Assessment

Begin with filling in a authority form: this is the starting point. It lets us get the information we need to show you what can be done for your business. We can change nothing and do nothing, just get the information.

What we will get is:

  • Your consumption history
  • The type of meter you have
  • Your current contract and prices

With this information we can build a clearer picture of your energy situation.

Remember this is not a contract! Our assessment are conducted just to show you what can be done. There are no obligation and no cost.

To get started, sign a authority form for your free assessment here or give us a call on 0800 890 112.

The Process in 4 Stages

Create your energy profile

Now when we have your Authority Form our team of Key Energy Partners will liaise with your current provider to:

  • Identify the nature of your consumption
  • Review the meters and delivery of your energy
  • Build a 12 month model of your energy
  • Determine how much your energy is costing you

This will allow us to become more familiar with your business and will show exactly how much you are spending on energy.

This should take around one week to complete.

Bettering your energy prices

When you join EMP you are not alone. You are joining a network of New Zealand businesses that command over 150 Gigawatts of energy each year. This is important because saving you money is the foundation of our service to you. With this leverage we can have a real effect on your bottom line.

Now that we have a model of your consumption your Key Energy Partner will:

  • Match your energy profile to the most suitable providers
  • Negotiate the sharpest rates possible
  • Identify any other opportunities (e.g. meters or load category)
  • Calculate the total cost of the new rates and arrangement

With this we can tell you dollar for dollar how much we can save you moving forward.

This should take around one week to complete.

Present your tailored EMP service

Once the team have determined the financial base line that can be achieved we will put this all together into a service package specific to your organisation. Things that will be considered are:

  • The savings that can be achieved
  • Integrating admin to your business
  • The degree of EMP involvement
  • Any prospective opportunities

The offer is designed to specifically deliver a tailored service specific to your business needs so let us know if there are specific things your are looking for.

It is here that we sign the line and get things started. However if you are not dazzled by the results there is no obligation to continue.

Your service begins

As soon as the agreements are signed and returned we commence the changes.  Your energy contracts and sharp new prices should commence within 10 business days.  From there you will be assigned your own Key Energy Partner and the different elements of your service will start to come live.

Some things to remember:

  • Your current provider may call you to try win you back, feel free to show us what they offer.  We will provide you an honest comparison against what we have achieved
  • You may receive final bills from your current provider directly
  • There may be a little time between changing provider and your first invoices from the new provider coming through
  • We will always check through the first month’s invoices in great detail to ensure accuracy and consistency


Let's get this started

Due to COVID-19 alert level 2, EMP staff are working with a reduce in-office workforce. We thank you for your patience.