Case Studies

Strike Entertainment 

Annual savings and backdated credit

Strike Entertainment came to us because their electricity bill was extremely high. Although they had tried to address this in the past, they had not had any joy.


Then they found EMP

We started with an Energy Only analysis and found some substantial savings could be made. However, as they were tied into a tight contract they were unable to change their supplier in order to get a better deal. At this point we looked for other opportunities to save them some costs in the short term, while their contract timed out.

How we took to the challenge

We conducted a full demand and capacity audit of the facility determining that a downsizing in the size of the connection would benefit the organisation greatly.

This lead us to re-register the property at the appropriate level with the local network and the result was annual savings of thousands of dollars. With no interruption to their power, we solved the issue without having to touch the contract or change supplier. Furthermore, we negotiated with their energy retailer to backdate the incorrect registration by a year, giving Strike a very large credit.

More than meets the eye

Strike’s situation is a good example of how important the original set up of your electrical supply is in determining your energy costs. There is a lot more to your costs than just the price of energy itself. Distribution, size, metering and set up play a huge role. It pays to get it right from the beginning and ensure that your contract is exactly and only what you need.

By working with an independent party such as EMP you can find innovative solutions ensuring efficient energy supply in both the short and long term. Even when contracts cannot be broken, Strike Entertainment is a good example of how companies can enjoy significant savings now and for years to come.

We got in touch with EMP about 18 months ago. Our energy costs are a significant part of our operating budget and of course if we can save some money then we are interested. Although we could not get out of our contract straight away EMP saved us about 25% of our energy costs and they got us a big credit by negotiating the correct ratings were backdated. Tuku took care of it all and it took very little of our time.

We will shortly be in touch with them again to get the same exercise undertaken for one of our other companies. That company is not a large energy consumer, but any savings are worth having.

Jo Lewis

Finance Manager, Strike Entertainment

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