About Us


The Challenge

Certain industries thrive on the confusion that surrounds them. Energy is a great example of this. Between complex pricing, the technical elements and the occaisional cowboy salesman, it can be very hard to see “the good and the bad”.

This overhead cost is becoming a more and more negative feature on your bottom line and the problem is that any attempt to rectify it seems to cost more time and money than it’s really worth.


The Solution

As a successful business person you want your costs to be lower, but the fact is you want so much more.

You want your energy to be cheaper, easier to track, less confusing and to use less. You want all of this to fit seamlessly into your business whilst taking no time or resources to do it.


Our Mission

EMP seeks to make your energy brighter. Using our simple method you can access all of these things;

  • Lower costs
  • Less admin time
  • More information
  • Controlled consumption
  • Seamless integration

And with overĀ $3,500,000 saved for NZ businesses so far, the results speak for themselves.

Our story

EMP began in 2009 as EnergyFix. Somewhat similar to a broker we saw the demand for business to have lower prices on their energy and through targeted procurement we sought to do so.

After some time doing this our clients began screaming out for more; they wanted energy to be easier, more controllable and more understandable.

EMP was born, taking the position that “absolutely” this must be achievable. Now we underpin everything by our original ideal of improving the energy costs in your business but rather than just procurement we see a comprehensive assessment of price, consumption and administration, all geared specifically towards improving your bottom line.

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Due to COVID-19 alert level 2, EMP staff are working with a reduce in-office workforce. We thank you for your patience.